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Deborah Group

A leading name in the Italian cosmetics and skin care market, Deborah Group makes beauty an affordable pleasure. Through relentlessly monitoring trends, undertaking continuous laboratory research and employing ground breaking technology, Deborah Group has developed a mindboggling array of innovative, top-quality cosmetics and skin care with a proven ability to fully satisfy the beauty needs of all women. Fired by its unwavering passion, the company stands head and shoulders above its peers in enhancing beauty throughout the world. Deborah Group is a lifestyle and beauty brand that proudly bears the made-in-italy label.


  • May 01

    Deborah Milano Nail Art Ideas - Lace Nail Art

    Hi Ladies,Summer is starting to creep in so we're so excited to rid ourselves of darker colours and thicker knits and replace it with summer pastels and pretty dresses.This month, we have a beautiful nude lace nail art which looks harder to do then it actually is!All you need is the following products:Deborah Milano Gel Effect 30Deborah Milano Gel Effect 29Deborah Milano Plump Effect TopcoatSimply click the video below to get started!

  • Apr 01

    Nail Art Ideas - Easter Chicken Nail Art Tutorial

    Hi Ladies,We thought we would try something a bit fun and funky this month, this Easter chicken nail art is so easy and quick to do its perfect for the Bank Holiday. So let's just jump right into this nail art tutorial, polishes at the ready ladies!Step 1Apply Deborah Milano Gel Effect 69 all over your nail and let it dry.Step 2Use Deborah Milano Gel Effect Number 24 and with a thin nail art brush start to make the outline of the egg.Step 3Now fill the egg.Step 4Use your dotting tool and Deborah Milano Gel Effect 29 for the eyes.Step 5Grab Gel Effect 68 and your nail art brush to create the beak.Step 6When the black part of the eyes is dry use Gel Effect 24 and make smaller dots inside the black.Step 7Use the Deborah Milano Plump Effect Topcoat to finish the look.

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